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Manual Driving Lessons

Our manual driving lessons in Sheffield and Rotherham will be designed to suit your specific needs. Having manual driving lessons gives you more control of the gearbox and allows you to drive a wide range of makes and models that only come with manual transmission. It’s worth taking the time to consider which is best for your needs, but whether you choose manual or automatic driving lessons, you can be sure that you will receive the same high standards of tuition from M.A Driving School’s instructors.

Automatic Driving Lessons

If you have maybe tried to learn in a manual car and found it too difficult or you do not have the time or maybe you have a disability that makes driving a manual car difficult try automatic car driving lessons. You will need to bear in mind though; if you pass your test in an automatic car you will not be eligible to drive a manual vehicle unless you do so as a learner driver. If you pass your driving test in a manual vehicle you are eligible to drive both automatic and manual cars.

Taxi Driving Lessons

If you are thinking of beginning a new career as a taxi or private hire driver, then you may need to take a taxi driving test depending on your local authority. The taxi assessment will allow you to work as a private hire or taxi driver and accept fare for paying passengers. A step you should take before committing to the test is to consider taking professional taxi training prior to taking the test.

At the end of the taxi test / assessment you will be asked some questions.
You will be asked 3 highway code questions read up on the Highway Code.
You will be asked 2 Cabology questions – questions about being a taxi driver.
Taxi test cabology questions
Q1: As a licensed taxi driver, what must you wear and clearly display with you at all times?
Q2: If you found an item of lost property left in your taxicab, what would you do with it?
Q3: What is the minimum legal requirement of a tyre tread depth?
Q4: If the tyre pressures of the vehicle you are driving are 35psi at the front and 40psi at the rear, what would you consider the correct pressure for the spare to be?
Q5: As a Private Hire taxi driver, what is your main responsibility?
Q6: How would you show consideration for passengers alighting from your vehicle?
Taxi test cabology answers
Q1 A: The taxi driver’s badge.
Q2 A:  Either hand it into a police station or local licensing office within 24 hours, depending on local regulations.
Q3 A: 1.6mm across 75% of the width of the tyre and around the entire circumference of the tyre.
Q4 A: 40psi, because it would be easier to deflate than inflate a tyre at the roadside.
Q5 A: The safety and comfort of your passengers.
Q6 A: Stop close to the kerb and avoid proximity to obstructions (street furniture, trees etc).

Lesson Prices

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Service Fee (£)
Manual Driving Lessons  £22
Automatic Driving Lessons  £25
Five-lesson block booking  £110
Ten-lesson block booking  £220
Intensive Driving Lessons Call for details
Pass Plus Call for details
Refresher Driving Lessons  £22
Taxi Driving lessons  £25
Driving test car hire £50 includes 1 hr driving lesson
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