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Call MA DRIVING SCHOOL If You Need A Driving Instructor For A Short Notice Test

No guarantees but we will do our best

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    This service is for you if you have booked a driving test but you don’t have an instructor.. Let us try and help you.

    We can’t guarantee that we have an instructor available for you but your chances are good. If we are available, we will organize an assessment drive as soon as possible to determine whether or not you are at the right standard to pass your test.

    The assessment drive is for 2 hours. We will assess your drive and give you a frank appraisal and inform you what is needed to be at the right standard for the test and beyond.

    We receive many calls a year for this service. It is rare that customers are at the standard that they say they are! If you are not at the right standard and we don’t have time to help you, we will explain this and will not offer our car for use on test day.

    Tests with less than 3 weeks notice. You are running out of time… We will need to see you as soon as possible to assess your drive. We need to know how many hours are required to put right any weak areas. If there is time, and we have time, we will help you by providing a short notice semi intensive course. If there is not time we will recommend you postpone your test or find another instructor who has the time you need.

    Tests with less than 3 working days notice.

    You have run out of time… If you cancel your test now, you will lose your test fee.

    Call us, if an instructor is available for your test we will organise an assessment. The assessment will be a driving test conducted by us. We will be more thorough than a DVSA Driving Examiner covering all the manoeuvres, emergency stop, independent driving and any tricky roundabouts and crossroads.

    If you are not at the right standard, and we don’t have time to help you fix it, we will not allow use of our vehicle for your test. This may be disappointing news but your safety and the safety of our vehicle and other road users is paramount.


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