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Credit to Namaan for helping me on two last minute tests on short notice. Passed on my second try with 1 minor!


So happy to have passed, after having had a really pleasant experience with my instructor Namaan. During our lessons he was very patient, understanding and had an effective approach to teaching me to drive for life!

Mohammed Shuheb Miah

A massive thankyou to Namaan for all the fantastic teaching and support he gave me over our lessons. Hands down the best instructor I’ve ever had!! Always punctual and ready to teach and never cancelled a lesson. He is really understanding, respectful and a good laugh and overall an excellent instructor with a great deal of patience. Extremely supportive and will push you to learn from your mistakes , never gave up on me and I couldn’t have passed without you Namaan! Only regret is not coming to you sooner , the best ever, 10000000% recommend❤️


Ive passed today all thanks to numan, he’s been a really good instructor, we’ve had a laugh and also got on really well I would 100% recommend ma if your looking for lessons.


My instructor Asima was literally amazing. I had only a few lessons with her but she picked up on my flaws and made sure to push me every lesson until I had perfected them. She was extremely supportive and believed in me, which boosted my confidence.


Amazing driving school , had an amazing driving instructor called Nazneen who was very patient and wants the best for learners , would recommend to anyone


A very important and good instructions that helped a lot through the journey of learning how to drive, I felt very comfortable.

Ahmed Thabet

I passed everything so quickly I had faz totally changed my life around for me and my family Thankyou soo much


My instructor was Alison, she was amazing and made me feel comfortable and encouraged. I wouldn’t have passed today if it wasn’t for her. So grateful!


just passed a test today must say 10/10 instructor Namaan from the M.A thak you very much really appreciate it couldnt have asked for a better company.

Dominik Gazi

I’ve passed my driving test today.A big thanks to my driving instructor Asima who helped me to my driving test in first attempt.I would Highly recommend her for the driving lessons. Thanks

Ranjit Singh

Alison was an absolutely brilliant instructor, taught me very well, always on time and went the extra mile. I would highly recommend this driving school.

Jackson Ingleby

Passed on my first time thanks to MA. The instructor was really good! Taught me a lot, helped out and made lessons easier! Definitely would recommend MA, one of the best ones out there!


I couldn’t recommend M A enough! They went above and beyond for me and my driving lessons. My instructor was Nazneen and she was so lovely and made me feel at ease the whole time. Went for my test today and passed first time!! Amazing people! Thank you so much

Deenna-Louise Saleh

A Huge thankyou to Faz for all of your fantastic teaching and support which you gave me to pass my test .Faz is very understanding , friendly and an excellent driving instructor with a great deal of patience. I would recommend taking lessons from him to anyone regardless of previous experience. Faz is a very honest person ,always told me the truth and explained me my faults which helped me to improve .I wouldn’t have passed my test with out his timely help and support. I highly recommend him, Thankyou again Faz.


MA driving were very helpful from the beginning they are very professional. I was allocated with an instructor straight away and I was able to start lessons the following the week. My instructor Faz was the absolute best instructor anyone could ask for he’s very helpful, friendly, fun, easy to get on with and great communication. I’m so happy I passed first time, with Faz I was able to develop my skills very quickly, he is patient, enthusiastic and has an adaptable and comfortable approach so you will feel at ease whilst doing your lessons. I would highly recommend this company to anyone, if you have Faz I can guarantee you will learn quickly and enjoy every lesson. I’m so grateful for everything he has taught me and wish him and the company all the best thank you much 👍🏾👍🏾

Yulanda Jamu

I had Adnan as my instructor and couldn’t recommend him enough. He understood my learning style and adapted to this. Adnan was always on time and never cancelled a session. He was very approachable and I found it easy to ask questions, regardless of how silly or obvious the answer was. Everything that came up in my test, I was confident with as we have covered it all. Adnan was also very reassuring and calming before my test. I could not recommend him or MA Driving enough!

Charlotte Wood

I highly recommend MA driving school. I had Faz as my instructor through out and he is the best out there. You can have a proper laugh with him, he’s professional and also very easy to approach. I owe it all to u Faz!! Thanks for supporting me.


Couldn’t ask for a better instructor. I asked to have 30 hours as a week-long intensive course and was catered for. I passed with one minor on front bay parking, but cannot be any happier with the result. Would definitely recommend!

Liam Kelk

I passed after many attempts and very nearly giving up but my instructor adz insured me I could do it and could drive and it was just nerves getting the better of me he never gave up on me even when I’d given up on my self I honestly couldn’t recommend this company enough


Did my lessons with Faz and gotta say what a top instructor and bloke. Easy going, plenty of banter and such a professional approach to teaching. Always felt at ease and in expert hands. He gave me the skills and confidence boost needed to pass my test. Big thanks to Faz and MA Driving School

Kyle May-Tummings

I m so happy i choose M A driving

Thanks to my instructor Iram to making me pass first time 100% recommend her


My driving instructor was Iram . She was fantastic and i passes the test with ease.. we had many simulation so that i knew what to expect in my test … highly recommend


Passed my test after only a short period of driving. Thanks to Iram at MA for all her support, patience and making the learning experience so much easier. Highly recommend!


Started lessons in November with Faz and I just want to say what an amazing instructor he is! Always been consistent and pays attention to detail. Made me feel so at ease and gave me the confidence/push I needed. He doesn’t mess you about and gets straight to the point and passed me first time! Would 100% recommend to anyone, definitely the best instructor I’ve ever had.

Tia Lowe

I would highly recommend this driving school my driving instructor faz was the best driving instructor because I had a bad experience before

Martin Ashton

I wasn’t sure of my driving until I started taking lessons with instructor Abid, a very friendly, charismatic and inspiring, had helped me a lot to be successful and pass easily.I really enjoyed my lessons with MA and see you soon on the motorway lessons.


Friendly instructor, very knowledgeable about the test routes, good time management. Cost effective charge.


This is the best company to go with to learn to drive as my driving instructor was fanstic and really chilled with me and all his students he has. I 100% recommend new learners to get in contact with this company as they are amazing. My instructor fazz helped me all the way and boosted my confidence up when learning to drive as he was very patient with me.


I would definitely recommend MA to anyone. When I first started learning to drive again after a few years break I was incredibly nervous and anxious but my instructor was calm and talked me through everything. There’s been occasions where I’ve panicked or even sat with my head in my hands saying I couldn’t do it. My instructor, Abid, was great and didn’t give up on me. I am really grateful for everything and it’s going to be strange not having my weekly lessons anymore! Thank you MA driving school for the experience and I will recommend you to anyone looking for an instructor!


MA driving school are one of the best driving schools in sheffield If you wish to take driving lessons and pass quick I would strongly recommend that you choose MA driving school as your instructor simply due to their amazing stats and brilliant service.


I seriously can’t recommend MA Driving school enough.

I was taught by faz who not only explains things clearly and precisely but is calm and a top bloke.

He got me through my test after only 14 lessons and I can’t recommend him enough.

Robert scott

So thankful for finding the wonderful Faz who built my confidence back up after it had been shattered several years ago with various other driving instructors . Within 5 months I have passed with flying colours. If I could sum up Faz up in 3 words they would be professional, kind and patient. You are truly one in a million Faz. Thank you for changing my life ! I feel extremely lucky to have found this driving school. Looking forward to completing my pass plus with Faz in the new year!

Lucy Sellars

I passed my driving test yesterday with 0 faults, I couldn’t be happier and extremely greatfull to M.A ! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THEM ! I was previously with superdriver and honestly just felt stressed all the time, as though I wasn’t getting anywhere and just loosing money. Feeling That way i moved to M.A and on my 1st lesson i felt stress free, my instructor gave me confidence and prepared me for my test. We got a glowing outcome passing the 1ST TIME with them with 0 FAULTS. If your someone that’s looking to pass your driving, and looking for good driving instructor, let me assure you M.A is the one you need !


I would highly recommend easydrive driving school, I finished my 12 lessons with MA ,he went above and beyond to ensure I was confident and calm while driving. MA helped me understand the road more and ensured I understood the mistakes I made and how to fix them. Overall my experience was A1 🙌 I took my test today and passed first time can’t thank MA enough I’m thrilled !!!!

Umar Akbar

Muzzy, many thanks for all your help in getting this old fella through his theory and practical driving tests which is much appreciated.

I recommend yourself and MA Driving School as an excellent driving school for anyone who is serious about learning to drive.

Keep up the good work.

Kind regards

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I had a great experience working with Murtz from M.A Driving School. The manual driving lessons were a pleasure to get into. M.A was a great person to learn from as he was patient and clear in his instructions. He also was very observant and quickly found the areas I needed help with which meant we were able to efficiently use the time together and get the most of the sessions.

I greatly respected M.A’s safety-first approach to driving practise and was good to have an instructor who was so mindful of this. He also explained the reasons behind many aspects of the approach to driving which helped informed my decisions more intuitively rather than just being a series of rules.

YEKTA Yanardag

Just passed my test today! Couldn’t have imagined doing it with another driving school as Iram from mA driving school gave amazing lessons and taught me everything there is to learn. Definitely 5/5

Shagufta usman

Thanks To M.A i passed my driving test first time. I learnt a lot with m.A.

M.A is an excellent choice to do your driving with i fully recommend them as they will teach you how to drive and teach all the manoeuvres you need to know. M.A is by far the best driving instructor i have been with



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