Intensive Courses

Intensive Courses

Intensive driving courses pass in a week…

2 hours Driving Assessment – £45
2 hour driving assessment and lessons where we will be able to determine which driving course is best for you, based purely on your driving ability.

6 hr’s over 1 Day Retest Special – £250 (test fee included)
A 1 day crash course designed simply for people who have recently taken a test and need to correct any minor issues

10 hr’s over 2 Days Refresher Course – £335 (test fee included)
This is designed for people who have failed a test and need help getting to the required standard

12 hr’s over 3 Days The Weekender – £380 (test fee included)
For people whose weekday commitments are high. This package is to be used by candidates who are close to test standard

12 hr’s over 2 Days Kick Start – £280 (no test)
A weekend driving course designed for people who have never driven and want to get their lessons advanced quickly.

15 hr’s over 3 Days Brush Up – £450 (test fee included)
An ideal intensive driving course for people who need to regain their confidence after a failed test.

20 hr’s over 4 Days The Waverly – £560 (test fee included)
This intensive driving course is suitable for people who have gained considerable driving experience but have not reached the standard required to pass.

25 hr’s over 5 Days Eye candy – £670 (test fee included)
A popular intensive driving course for people with minimal driving experience but feel competent with the basics.

30 hr’s over 6 Days Freeway – £850 (test fee included)
Confident young learners with little driving experience will benefit from this crash course.

35 hr’s over 7 Days The Classic – £995.00 (test fee included)
Confident mature learners with little driving experience will benefit from this crash course.

40 hr’s over 8 Days The Works – £1125.00 (test fee included)
This package will appeal to novices who require driving tuition from beginning to end.

50 hr’s over 10 Days The Full Monty – £1125.00 (test fee included)
For the nervous beginners with no driving experience and who needs a little more help.

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