Taxi Driving Lessons

If you are thinking of beginning a new career as a taxi or private hire driver, then you may need to take a taxi driving test depending on your local authority. The taxi assessment will allow you to work as a private hire or taxi driver and accept fare for paying passengers. A step you should take before committing to the test is to consider taking professional taxi training prior to taking the test.

Local Authorities that require you to take the taxi test:
  • Sheffield
  • Rotherham

If you live outside of these counties then visit: Find your local council. Here you can find out if you need to take a taxi test.

The test is approximately 40 minutes long and includes roughly 10 minutes of independent driving to ensure you can make decisions safely and without prompt. You will also be asked to complete an eyesight test by reading a number plate on a stationary car. You may use glasses/contact lenses but if fail, you will not be able to continue with the rest of the test.

To pass your test you are allowed to commit up to 9 faults, if you acquire 10 or more faults this will count as a fail and you will not pass your test. If you commit any serious driving errors or make a situation dangerous this will be marked down as a major fault and you will fail your test. There is no limit as to how many taxi assessments you can take.

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