Pass Plus

Once you have passed your driving test, you can drive unaccompanied at last. However, statistically, a new driver is more likely to be involved in an accident within the first two years of passing their driving test than at any other time in their driving career. Consequently, the cost of insurance can be prohibitive.

Pass Plus is a road safety initiative aimed at improving the skills of a newly qualified driver. It is an initiative supported by the DSA, Department of Transport, Insurance Companies and other organisations. It comprises 6 modules, giving 6 hours tuition in total, as follows:
Town driving All weather driving Driving out of town Night driving Driving on dual carriageways Driving on motorways.

When Pass Plus is successfully completed you will qualify for substantial discounts on motor insurance. You will be rewarded with a cash discount of approximately one years “No claims bonus” which considerably exceeds the cost of the course.

There are no tests to sit at the end – just satisfy your instructor you understand and can apply the requirements specified by the Driving Standards Agency.

Pass Plus Scheme: £180

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